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Teaching Session on Road Safety in two Kigali schools that call young people to be the change makers

Kigali as a capital city of Rwanda is a very busy city and when it comes to road traffic, there is a large influx of personal and commercial transport utilizing bikes, buses, cars and sometimes bicycles. Hence, Kigali city records an increased number in road traffic injuries compared to other parts of the country.

A lot is being done to reduce the number of Road traffic injuries in Kigali. For instance, On Ma, 19, 2018 Rwanda National Police together with other stakeholders introduced the " Gerayo Amahoro" campaign, which translates 'Arrive safe'. The campaign really contributed to the reduction of Road traffic accidents. The number of deaths due to road accidents fell from 465 in 2018 to 223 in 2019, according to Rwanda police. In addition to that, the Government installed more camera on highways to curb over speeding.

Traffic Youth Care Initiative Project is sponsored by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety through Local Action , we thought about vulnerable road users especially children who use those busy roads in Kigali and Southern everyday while coming and going to school. Therefore, in past seven days we have conducted road safety teaching sessions in some of schools in Kigali. On June 9th we had a session at Groupe Scolaire Kimironko 2 and on 14th we conducted another one at Groupe Scolaire Sainte Famille.

These schools are located in the middle of the city where the traffic is high. Therefore, their students need to learn and improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary for safe traffic participation.


During these teaching sessions, we explained to the students the meaning of traffic signs using illustrations like traffic light, zebra crossing and pedestrian sidewalk. We reminded them that they must follow the rules of roads and obey signs.

We told them to keep alert all times: don’t get distracted by mobile phones, earphones and other electronic devices, work on the sidewalks whenever they are available, if they are no sidewalk, walk facing the coming vehicles and as far from cars as possible and before crossing roads look on right and left, then decide whether it is safe to cross.

We also taught students some important first aid skills like how to know which victim to help first, People screaming, crying and making a noise have to be breathing, the initial priority is therefore to check anyone quiet and not moving. We showed them how to stop bleeding and immobilise fractures while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. However, the most important thing we kept reminding the students is that when approaching an accident scene, it is really important to ensure their own safety. Make sure that all traffic has stopped. Ensure everyone is aware that there has been an accident otherwise there may be additional casualties.

Before we end the sessions, we presented the global youth statement on road safety to the students. They read and discussed about it. The statement showed them a clear image of realities that young people around the world face on daily basis in their country’s roads. It also called them to take action and be the change maker in their respective communities.




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