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“Tangible actions will end this global road safety Crisis” Local Action on Road Safety at GOB

Local action is program that initiated by Global youth Coalition for road safety and it is taking place all over the world where the youth from all around the world are implementing their projects with the aim of achieving target of new decade of action by 2030. In that case Rwanda was among the country where local action is taking place too. Through Local action, we tackle different issues related to road safety where we do tangible actions to our community that brings real change that everyone want to see with the purpose of ending this global Road Safety crisis that we are facing now and most important thing is that youth are involved as vulnerable road users.

As result through Traffic Care Youth Initiative, we conducted teaching session on road safety at Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Buatare aimed to prepare and equip students as vulnerable road users with knowledge and skills that will enable them to stay safe. This school located in newly constructed road that connect Huye and Gisagara district, when you pass around that school you find out the signs of 50km/h, no zebra crossing near school gate and no humps for speed limit. After our recent advocacy to decision makers advocating to put sign of low speed of 30km/h and zebra crossing near school gate. We realised that through local action we can also teach the student from this school how they should behave when they are using road.

In our teaching session we explained to the students the bad behaviour that they avoid when they are on road including: talking on the phone when they crossing, playing on road, walking in cycling way, not looking right and left before crossing and not crossing at the Zebra crossing. With the help of our facilitator we have a great time to also teach them the meaning of different traffic signs and how they should obey them as well.

Most of people who died due to road crashes died in golden hour but during this hour, you can do simple life saving procedures (Post Crash Care) to save the victim and save life. With the help of our facilitator including Dr Rene, Dr Ami and Anne, we helped students to learn how they can provide post crash care to the victims.

At the end our session, we had great time to show the students Video of Raquel Barrios (Project manager of Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety), explaining about YOURS, Coalition and Local Action as well, as result most of them wish to join coalition in order to fight for street safety and be among the young leaders who will play key role in achieving this new decade of action. Global Youth Statement on Road safety does not only show reality young people face every day on our unsafe road, it also call for immediate action. We are so honoured to present it to the leaders of Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare.


Raquel Explaining about YOURS, Coalition and Local Action

Post Crash Care

Learning about Different Traffic Signs

Written By Nkumbuye Ami

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