Successful week marked by 2 Local Action Teaching session on Road Safety and one Radio Talk Show.

According to global status report 2018 every year 1.35 million of people die due to road crashes and it is biggest killer of young people aged between 15-29 years old. It is big loss to loose young people for the cause that can prevented like road crash and remember at this age of 15 and above everyone see you as hope of country and future of your family then you end up loosing life due to road crashes. After realising this issue we have initiated Traffic Care Youth initiative Project supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety through local action where we educate road safety and post crashes in primary and secondary schools and also advocate for safer mobility to decision makers.

In This Regard this week was remarked by 2 different teaching at EAV Kabutare Secondary School and Nyanza Primary School and concluded by Radio Talk show at Rawanda Broadcasting Agency RC Huye Radio that was aiming to educate community about road safety and advocate for safer mobility.

Our first activity in this week was held at Nyanza Primary School. This school is located near roads and every morning 800 students cross road daily while attending class. 3 months prior to our session 2 students from this school involve in road crashes one of them died due to this crashes at 11 years only. This was among reason to choose this school for us to educate them about road safety and post crashes. During our session we taught about good behaviour of road users, behaviour to avoid while using road, and explaining different traffic signs for them.

Teaching session at Nyanza Primary School

Second Session was held at EAV Kabutare Secondary school as most of the students were preparing to start their holidays. It was good time for us to remind them that they should avoid reckless behaviour while using road and start to follow traffic rules and signs. We also empower them how they can be part solution and advocate for their safer mobility to the decision makers

At the end of every session we interact with students by giving them time together with Director of these schools for them to tell us the challenges that they always face when they are using the road. Many challenges were highlighted and we tried to find out of how we reach decision makers as the way of finding long time solution for their safer mobility. As Result most of the challenges mentioned and proposed solutions were found in Global Youth Statement on Road Safety. It was good time for us to read for them Global Youth Statement on Road Safety and Presents to Directors of these schools.

Teaching Session at EAV Kabutare Secondary School

After teaching session we continued our activities we hosted by Rwanda Broadcasting Agencty RC Huye Radio where we conducted 1-hour radio talk show on road safety and Post crashes care. This show was remarked by teaching community about road safety and post crashes care that you give the victim during golden hour. We also have time to explain Global Youth Statement on Road Safety to the listeners and of course for the challenges that have been identified by road users during our previous teaching sessions.





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