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Successful advocacy meeting and launching of advocacy tool on road safety developed by students

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The beginning of May 2021 is when we start our journey to implement a local action project called Traffic Care Youth Initiative supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety that aims to contribute in decreasing morbidity and mortality related to road crashes by 2022. Since then we have been working with 21 schools from the Southern province and Kigali City.

In August together with students from these schools we developed the advocacy tool named “Rwandan Student’ Statement on Road Safety”. In this statement students highlight the reality they face on road while attending the school, their demand to different ministries including (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Infrastructure and Rwanda National Police as well.) and concluding on their contribution to tackle some challenges working on SDG3 and SDG 4.

After having this tool it was our turn to launch in our first advocacy meeting with Traffic Police department. During our meeting we tell decision makers from this department that students really appreciate the result of 2019 national campaign that was aiming to raise awareness on road safety in all province of the country as result road crashes decreased by 17%. Students demand the resume of this campaign and they also claim signs that shows speed limit around their schools. Tt the end of our Advocacy meeting, Traffic police promise us that they will resume this campaign after this pandemic and also together with other decision makers they will identify schools where there are no signs of speed limit and start to put them around those schools.

We really appreciate the efforts the Rwanda Government has made to make roads safer for all. Let me conclude this statement by quoting one statement from this tool “Let’s stand together and call for streets for life, where young people can travel safely, while breathing clean air.”

Download our Advocacy tool below.

Rwanda Statement
Download PDF • 5.05MB


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