She died at the age of 11, I can recall a driver screaming "I hit her"

My name is BARENZAHO Winifrid. I am primary school headmistress, I live with children in their everyday lives. I came here as someone who is in charge of them. I am an old woman but I am young at heart. Today, I am thrilled to be standing in front of youth and I am really surprised to see such young doctors among you.

So, today I would like to share a testimony of a one my students who unfortunately died due to road accident. In fact, the primary school that I lead is located on the other side of the road and because of its good reputation children come from far away to access quality education. Children cross a swamp, a lake and a road to reach school.

Head Master of Nyanza Primary Students who died due to road crashes.

I remember this very day, it was on 1st march this year, when children were going for a lunch break, while crossing the road, they suddenly met with an ambulance which run over on one of them, 11 years old girl immediately passed away. I can recall the driver screaming, “I hit her!”

I was deeply saddened by the death of this young child, she was only in Primary three, and she still had a life ahead of her. Their parents abandoned her siblings at a younger age, a neighbor was raising her and she had to do house chores in order to be fed. At the time she was hit by that ambulance, the poor kid was in a harry to go do domestic works and get enough time to return back to school for afternoon classes.

Speed factors and lack of education awareness on road safety are some of the causes of road Crashes. We need to equip our children with enough information related to Road safety. Our school is near a bigger road and children cross them every day. Death’s like this we had can be prevented, I don’t want to lose another student due to road crash. Let’s join our hands to prevent road crashes.

This training is a golden opportunity for all of us to learn and look forward together on what can be done to increase awareness on road safety. However, the most important part is what will happen after today, are we going to implement what we learned today?

I encourage you to be teacher and youth that take a vital role in their country’s development, God bless you!


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