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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We are so happy to publish our first journal as Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda in collaboration with passionate young delegates from 2nd World youth Assembly for road safety that took place in Sweden late in February. It is been now 6 months after 2nd world Youth Assembly for Road Safety and 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety that took place in Stockholm , Sweden . Many youth were there coming from different global corner and Africa were also represented.

Youth from Africa didn’t throw that chance away , on their way coming from Sweden they formed a movement called African Youth Road safety Movement that aim to educate and advocate for Road safety in Africa. They are young delegate coming from different African countries but having driven on the same passion ( Road Safety). This is the first initiative taken by youth of African and tat’s where the name of this journal coming from.

In this journal we are going to talk about where are we in road safety? How youth are they engaged in road safety? And how youth can be engaged in road safety through different teaching method : Education, Arts and Creativity? And Perspective of the youth after 2nd World Youth Assembly and way forward to reach 2030 target.

Click document below to download it

Revolution of African youth on Road safe
Download • 4.94MB
Revolution of African youth on Road safe
Download • 4.94MB

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