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My Reflection on 2nd world youth assembly and 3rd Ministerial conference on road safety

My name is Nkumbuye Amie, I was selected and participated in both 2nd world youth assembly for road safety and 3rd ministerial conference on road safety

2nd world youth assemble for road safety. It was official pre-event of the 3rd ministerial conference on road safety that took place in Stockholm, Sweden on 18th February 2020 and gather more than 200 young leaders from 74 countries where we Claiming Our Space for safer mobility and at the decision-making table!

3rd ministerial conference on road safety under the “theme of achieving Global Goals 2030”.Joined around 1700 delegates from more than 140 countries including ministers, senior officials from United Nations Agencies, private sector, Youth and representative of from civil society.

Let me start with 2nd world youth assemble for road safety .I saw motivated and passionate young delegates from different countries and global corner to discussion and call for action on road safety as road crashes are major health public burden yet ignored. I saw many young delegate who did tremendously work in their community just to decrease mortality and morbidity of millions of victims who die on road due to road crashes. I heard about many actions of youth that aim to raise awareness on road safety in their community where they live at the end most of our discussion everyone tells me that we lack support from Government and local leaders. I asked myself should we really have keep seeing those 1.35 million of people who die on road every year for something which is preventable like this?

Most important thing that I learn in 2nd word youth assembly is that road safety lies our hand as youth, as future leaders and our voice can make change in the community that we are living in. Youth as vulnerable group on road we must take action to convince our leaders to consider this global issue and start action with target to have vision zero (zero death on road). By learning different measures that has taken with some countries and outcome was good for example countries like Iceland where they plan for 15 years and involve youth to be part of this planning of course among the plan they do they make plan about the picture of road safety in next 15 years actually this is something that must be adopted in all countries.

Raquel Barrios (Project manager of World youth assembly) and Amie

With ALISON Founder of VZYC New York

After that we have been involve in different interactive parallel sessions like: better heath, safe school zone, advocacy for youth rights, decision making table and healthy cities all of those sessions were aiming to meet with SDG target. What was more interesting was how the youth make kind of discussion about specific challenge and what might be solution to that challenge. At the end we deliver Global youth statement for road safety we we as youth we said enough is enough, “no more!” to dying and getting injured on worldʼs roads , they also make demand and we also decided to act by being role models for safe road behavior and to be the change we would like to see.

The following days on 19th and 20th was the day of 3rd ministerial conference on road Safety. From the first talks after seeing the audience who attend the conference I ask myself why do we still have such bad statistics of people who die on road each and every day? But I found we all know and have an idea about what happening but the problem was that we just ignore to take action.

But what I like the most was parallel session, among sensitive discussion that I like the most were: improving behavior of all road users, enhancing post crashes care, addressing the implementation gap in road safety and designing roads for safety. At the end of the conference Stockholm declaration were adopted and we hope by putting in action what we have discussed at end 2030 we will have half numbers of death and injuries caused by roads crashes on our way to achieving vision zero by 2050.

Written By Nkumbuye Amie ( President of VZYC Rwanda)

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