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Local Action Teaching Session on Road Safety at ENDP Karubanda and one Radio Talk Show

Local action campaigns on road safety and post crash care continue as young people are being involved to be part of Global Plan 2021-2030 with the target of reducing road crashes by 50% by 2030. Is 50 by 30 possible? Yes it is very possible, If everyone plays a big role to end road crashes, we truly believe that we can achieve the target of this new decade. Rwanda is among the countries where local action is taking place supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. Teaching Session on road safety at schools, Radio talk show and Advocacy Meeting are acts led by young people through this program in Rwanda to make sure that road crashes are decreasing in Rwanda.

This week our activities were marked by one teaching session on road safety and post crash care at Ecole Notre Damme de la Providence Karubanda (ENNDPK) and one Radio Talk Show at Rwanda Broadcasting Agency Huye Radio.

Around 400 students at ENDPK attended this memorable session. Students were reminded that children, pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable of road users and on top that road crashes are the biggest killer of young people aged between 15-29 years of age yet are preventable.

During our session students learn that these safe individual behaviors play a key in preventing road crashes or reducing the severity of crash: wearing helmet correctly, looking left, right and left again before crossing road, avoid playing on the road, cross road in safe location, use of zebra crossing and follow traffic signs. If every road user follows these tips we can decrease road crashes in our community as the result target of the new decade can be achieved even before 2030 but Road users are not only concerned with motorcyclists, drivers and decision makers must play their roles to be sure that no one is left behind.

Some studies in Rwanda showed that most victims died in the first hour (Golden hour) due to the lack of trained people to provide post crash care. In this regard we train students how they can perform simple life saving skills for the victims. These include: ABCD approach, stop bleeding, support a broken bone, perform CPR, general assessment of the victim as well, we also remind them the number of ambulances 912 to call for better management at the hospital.

Our week concluded with a 1 hour Radio Talk show at RBA Huye Radio on 21st October 2021 that focused on improving road users behavior as fundamental in reducing road traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. We also have time to reflect on the Global Youth Statement on Road Safety and Recent statement that has been developed by students aiming to advocate a road safety curriculum in Primary schools in Rwanda.

We thank each and everyone who always shows us love of what we do in different social media platforms and We can’t conclude without thanking our lovely Audience of how they are engaged and interact during the session. We have hope for the future that young people will end this global road safety crisis. Thank you Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and for engaging young people all around the world for them to be part of the solution.

Photo and Video from Both Event

Video From our Radio talk show

Written by Nkumbuye Ami and Kwizera Jean Rene

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