Local Action Teaching Session on Road safety at Centre Scolaire Ellena Guerra Primary School

With the support of Global Youth Coalition through Traffic Care Youth Initiative Project, our Local Action Winner conducted his first teaching Session. The event was held at Centre Scolaire Ellena Guerra,Huye on 20th may 2021 and it was attended by 300 hundred primary school Students from year 1 up to Year 6. Apart from Students mentors of health Club trained last week, Headmaster and Other staff including teachers were also present.

The event begun at around 3:30 Pm after having gathered students in school ground where the teaching session occurred. Everyone was very attentive and willing to learn.

Students were sensitised to the issue of road safety, they were reminded and requested to be very careful while working on roads as crashes not only bring pain to the injured but also to their families and to the country as a whole.

Ami, our local action winner and other Vision Zero Youth council members trained students on how to use roads, focusing on: good behaviour for pedestrian and bad behaviour they should avoid in order to decrease risk of road crashes while using the roads.

They explained to the children the meaning of traffic signs using illustrations like traffic light, zebra crossing and pedestrian sidewalk. They were reminded that they must follow the rules of the roads and obey signs. They were told to keep alert all times: don’t play around or be distracted by electronic devices, work on the sidewalks whenever they are available, if they are no sidewalk, walk facing the traffic and as far from cars as possible.

Speaking on the occasion, the school headmaster said that the school cares for its students’ safety and road safety should be part of every child education. He expressed his gratitude to Global Youth Coalition that supported this project and also thanked entire who took their time to go and train students on the good use of roads.

He also said that it meant a lot for them to be the first school where such teaching sessions were conducted because in January this year, a car hit 13 of their students where one died and another one was left with serious complications.

The headmaster kept emphasising on the fact that road safety education is crucial in preventing road crushes and that it needs to be done regularly since everyday children interact with roads and the traffic system. Therefore, they need to be equipped with enough knowledge, skills and appropriate behaviour that will enable them to stay safe while using roads.

He ended his speech by requesting VZYC to come back and train secondary school students because they are also at risk and they need to be trained on road safety as well.

Before ending the session VZYC members gave view to the student on the impact of speeding to the life of young people as well as remerging 6th UN-Global Road Safety Week calling 30km/h to become default speed limit in cities, towns and villages.

The event was concluded by showcasing realities that young people around the world face on daily basis in the roads. This was done with the help of global youth statement for road safety, that was read and handed over to Head Master of the school.


Together with Students calling for 30 km/h to be norm for the cities, towns and villages

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