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Local action Radio talk show, Social media campaign, 5 teaching session on Road Safety at schools

At the beginning of December as we were about to enter in 2022, Our activities started by Local Action teaching session on Road Safety and post crash care in 5 schools both primary and Secondary Schools led by Local Action winner Nkumbuye Ami supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety . During Session students were explained safety behavior for pedestrians, meaning of Traffic signs and lights and consequences victims face after crashes on the top that students learnt some post crashes skills that can be provided to the victim immediately after road crash and 912 is an ambulance number to call for help in Rwanda.

Group Scolaire Kabuye is school located near paved road in Maraba Sector during the session we were delighted to be joined by Head Master and In charge of Educator at Sector level, students sat in group and discuss 3 challenges they faced while attending class: absence of road safety curriculum at school, lack of zebra crossing near the road at school and plate for speed limit all are the challenges highlighted by students and Decision makers promised students to work with Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda for further advocacy at National Level.

Crossing at Zebra, meaning of traffic lights, Proper Road Safety Education, Wearing a helmet on motorcycle and Acting to achieve target of new decade of actions were 5 keys message during our December week of Social media campaign on road safety and 5036 people have been reached during this campaign.

At the end of this end we have conducted our 4th Radio Talk Show on road safety. During time show we have a great time to explain briefly Global Youth Statement on Road Safety that brings together the voices of more than 1500 young people who took part in Youth Consultations. It paints a vivid picture of what we experience every day on our unsafe roads. We, the Youth, representing over 74 countries proclaim 'hear our voice' and our call for immediate action. We also explain Rwandan Students statement on Road Safety where it mentions different demands of students including to add road safety curriculum in Primary school. Advocacy for this is ongoing and we hope better outcome from decision makers.


Session at Mbazi Primary School 1

Session at Ecole Secondaire Mutunda

Session at Groupe Scolaire Kabuye

NKUMBUYE AMI ( our President) during Radio Talk Show




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