Linkage between Road Safety and Education webinar

Last Thursday Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety hosted an event that aims to explain the linkage between road safety and education to their members of coalition and friends of coalition that work every day to achieve safer mobility across the globe. Good attendance and best speakers marked the event: Alex (Kenya), Thiago (Brazil) and Alison from the USA. Apart from educative session, participants were explained about Transforming Education (TES) Participation of the Global Youth Coalition

Education plays a central role in shaping future chances for children and youth and their ability to reach their full potential. Every child’s right to education is recognized in the UN Convention on The Rights of the Child. Equitable and inclusive access to education and lifelong learning opportunities also sits at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their mission to leave no one behind.

Thiago was a speaker and is also among Co-writer of policy brief on Education and Road safety started his speech by explaining some key data highlighting that 74% of road crashes occur in less than 500 metres schools, and he continued saying that if we continued to do not address school access issues such as dangerous roads there can not be no safety in the future. He concluded explaining the role of coalition in Education related to road safety of young people demonstrating different project related to education and road safety supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety through Local Action led by young people in Indonesia, Rwanda and Belgium.

Thiago Gruner from Brazil

At the end of the Session Alison as she represented the coalition during the Transforming Education Summit that took place in New York at UN Headquarter on 16, 17 and 19 September, she answered different question about the main discussion around the TES, her takeaway on education and road safety and she also shared her most enjoyable part of the Summit. She concluded her speech saying that most pedestrian die in five metre as result of road crashes trying to get at school for better education, Globally there is missing of protective measure for safer mobility especially in low and middle income country for students attending schools, she encourage every road safety activist to keep advocating for safety mobility of young people and also using our policy brief while organising different meeting with decision makers.

In the past decade as data showed road crashes have increased more than ever and on the top we didn’t achieve the target of reducing them by 50%. As we start a new decade of action that has an ambitious target of reducing death related to road crashes by 50% by 2030. We encourage every young people from different countries to keep claiming their spaces in decision making table by conducting different advocacy meeting with their decision makers, joining different platform that support them in their activities including Global Youth Coalition for Road safety and conducting educating sessions related to road safety as result road crashes will decreased and target of this decade can be achieve even before 2030. Last but not least we encourage watching back this session via the link below and downloading Policy Brief on education and Road Safety.

Alex Ayub from Kenya and Alison Collard de Beaufort from USA

Watch back the event via this Link

Policy Brief on Education and Road Safety
Download PDF • 762KB

Written by Ami Nkumbuye

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