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“If we cannot mention Road safety we can’t improve it” Teaching Session at Kanombe on Road Safety

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Every year 1.35 million of people die on the road due to road traffic crashes while 50 million remain with disability related to road crashes in their life time According to global status report in 2018. Road crashes is the first killer for the people aged 15 to 29. Can we remain silent for the thing which preventable like this? When you look at this statistic most of them occur in low and middle income yet they are the one with small number of vehicles.

That’s why VZYC Rwanda (Chapter of VZYC New York) decided to change bad statistics like this through education and advocacy on Road safety targeting the affected group we mean the young group in both primary and secondary schools.

Yesterday Vision Zero Youth Council (VZYC) take a journey all the way from Kicukiro to Kanombe to conduct teaching session on road safety at Groupe Scolaire Camp kanombe.

Our first session at G.S Camp Kanombe remarked by good attendance of 120 students from primary school willing to learn about Road safety where we teach them the good behavior of road user like : crossing at zebra, looking both right and left before crossing, obeying traffic light and not playing on road. We also reminded them to avoid : playing on the road, using telephone when they are crossing as it might lead to road crashes.

Before closing our session two team were chosen to play Vision Zero Youth Jeopardy game designed by Founder of VZYC New York Alison and translated in Kinyarwanda by Nkumbuye Ami. This game composed many question related to road safety. What we did we selected two team composed by six people to compete by answering those question. Thanks to team A who won award after answering all question correctly.

At the end of our session Discipline Master said “Let me take this opportunity to thank Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda for their initiative of teaching young like you about road safety. As they said before Road crashes is public health threat not only to our country but also worldwide. I wish you to have good behavior on the road and Let us this be a lesson to everyone who is here. I really hope that if we understand this the mortality and morbidity related to road crashes will be decreased. So far we don’t have: zebra Crossing near the school, hump and plate that show that there is school so that drivers can drive at low speed. I would to request Vision Zero Youth Council to make advocacy on those issues”

Let us join our hand together to fight for street safety so that at the end 2030 we will be having half number of people who die on road. If we cannot mention road safety we can’t improve it and remember also that we are the last generation to face this global road safety crisis.

Delivering Global Youth Statement to School Representative

Written by Jean Rene Kwizera

Editor: Nkumbuye Ami

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