Global Plan hand over to the Ministry of Infrastructure and 3 Round of Teaching Session

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

On 28th October 2021, different Local NGOs advocating for road safety around the world handed over Global Plan for Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 to their decision makers. Rwanda joined the rest of the world in the launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. The handing over of this global plan in Rwanda took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Event attended by Twagirimana Janvier, the Acting T-SWAP coordinator at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Dr. Nzeyimana Innocent, Coalition member Nkumbuye Ami.

During his opening remark Twagirimana Janvier, said “Road Safety is something the government is taking seriously and there are commitments in the governing policies in place. We endorse this plan and we can achieve the target of halving road deaths even before 2030.”

During his Presentation Dr Nkumbuye Ami presented why young people are involved in this decade of action and he also highlighted The project Called Traffic Care Youth initiative his implement through Local Action Program supported by Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. On the top of that he presented Rwandan Students’ statement on Road Safety as it is an advocacy tool developed by students from 21 schools. He also shared demands from students to the Ministry of Infrastructure including safer school zones with a minimum of 3 stars and creating safe space to walk and play.

After the handover, we continued our activity in 3 schools: Groupe Scolaire Catholique Saint Family and Ecole International des Parents de Butare both Upper and students from P1 to P3. More than 1000 students trained on road safety and post crash care this week. Amazing audience we had and the big number we trained by our volunteers.

Students were reminded of behavior to follow when they are using roads such as: look left and right before crossing, cross at Zebra, avoid play while on road and of course explain different traffic signs. Post crash care is something that everyone should know to provide help for the victims if the crash occurs as the earlier you provide post crash care the good outcome you get. With the help from our facilitator Dr Mathieu RN Kamugisha and RN Xavier trained students on post crash care.

At the end of our Session Headmasters from these schools appreciate our initiative and the content we gave the students for their safer mobility. They also emphasize that they will raise their voice to the Ministry of Education to put road safety courses in the school curriculum.

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