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Engaging young people in road Safety through different games

At the end of March and beginning of April in Rwanda, Primary and Secondary school students start their holidays. This is where students in boarding schools go out and start to explore our nature after 3 months of study intensively and this when they use roads. As we know road crashes are the greatest killer of young people aged between 15-29 years old. Yet most of the route cause of all those crashes is preventable. It is our responsibility as young people to raise our voice and fight for our own safer mobility.

Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda in partnership with Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and Healthy People Rwanda prepared a one day event that aimed to raise awareness on road safety among students and engage them as well. At the end of this campaign two schools compete in both Volleyball and basketball both Groupe Officiel de Butare and Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis Karubanda as first team and second team-received prize.

At the beginning of our event, our volunteers trained more than 600 students where students reminded safety behaviours to follow when that are using roads such: to look right and left before cross, cross at Zebra whenever possible, follow traffic lights, avoid using phone and headphone while on the roads, walking on left side of the roads to see coming vehicles. This message comes at a good time as the students were preparing to start the holidays.

At the end of the session we did the Egg-Helmet experiment: This is a funny experiment with the purpose of showing the importance of a helmet while on a motorcycle. We use two eggs, one inside a small helmet while the other egg is not covered with anything, we throw all the eggs, one inside helmet cannot break while uncovered one break. Egg in this experiment is considered as a head. This shows us how helmets protect us from severe head injury and death.

At the end of the campaign, the Director of School Officiel de Butare said: “I thank Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda and their partners for this initiative. I liked every single moment of this session that we had today, especially the importance of the helmet by using egg helmet experiment. As you go on your holidays, I wish everyone to be safe on the roads and I talked to volunteers from Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda, they have already identified challenges in the roads near our school. It is our time to start advocacy that aims to find solutions to those challenges.”

At the end of the campaign we met with health clubs in both two schools where we advised them to design an action plan that they will do for them to start on their own initiative. The competition result were follow: in Basketball First team was Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis Karubanda while Groupe Officiel de Butare won the second Place and in Volleyball Groupe Officiel de Butare won the first place while Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis Karubanda secured the second place.

More Picture From Event

Director of GOB Giving Prize to the fist team in Basketball ( Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis Karubanda

Director of PSVF Karubanda giving Prize to the First team in Volleyball (Groupe Officiel de Butare

Written by Nkumbuye Ami

Edited by Kwizera Jean Rene

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