Education awareness on Road Safety at EAR Mutunda Primary School

Recently Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety launched Policy Brief showing the link between SDG4 (Quality Education and Road Safety). I want to start writing this article quoting one Paragraph in this Policy brief“ Evidence suggests that for many young people road traffic injury and fatalities are linked to the journey to and from school. A 2017 study of crashes involving children and adolescents in Mexico City revealed that up to 74% of crashes occurred less than 200 metres from schools.”

This July our Education awareness program on Road Safety and Post crash care continued at EAR Mutunda Primary School where we trained students from Level 6 on different skills to adapt while using roads including: cross at zebra, avoid to play on the road, avoid wearing head phone while cross the roads and look right and left before crossing the roads. The reality is that Road safety has link with all SDGs and education always play key role in safer mobility but we can’t deny the fact that human errors are inevitable for young people road users because they are still developing physically and cognitively.

Our session Part 2 was also focusing to hear demands from students that can make them to feel safe on their journey to and from school including: helmet that fit them, plate for low speed (this should maximum of 30km/h) around school zone, at least 3 star road near schools. These are demands of students and our fellow young people as well.

We believe that education play key role in decreasing road crashes especially in low and middle income countries but safe systemic measures should also put in place including good infrastructures to achieve the target of this decade of action of halving road deaths by 50% in 2030.



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