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Community awareness on road safety through radio talk show in Rwanda

Road traffic crashes claim around 1.35 million lives every year, according to the World Health Organization. In addition to working hard to keep our students safe through conducting teaching sessions on road safety, we also work with communities in many different locations to help to address challenges around road crashes and fatalities. Our Local action programmes aim to improve road users behavior and also designed for school children, increasing their road awareness and teaching them to follow simple safety rules.

In this regard we have conducted one radio talk show on road safety awareness at Rwanda Broadcasting Agency Huye Radio. That was our second one and we really appreciate our Rwandan community the way they show us how they really need a radio show after having their many feedback from our previous show requesting us to conduct more shows like this.

During our talk we focused on: never drink & drive, always wear a seat belt, keep a Safe Distance from the vehicle ahead, always avoid Distractions, never break the red signal, always drive within Speed Limit, avoid the drowsiness while driving, and watch out for drivers on the road. Imagine if everyone in our community follows these rules we mentioned above we can end up having zero death and injuries related to road crashes.

Our August was concluded by a teaching session on road safety at Groupe Scolaire de Parents secondary school as students were reminded of simple safety rules to follow when they are using road attending the schools. Apart from that we also teach them simple life saving skills for the victim after road crashes including: stopping bleeding, immobilizing bony fracture, how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation and number of ambulances to call for help as well. These skills, we usually provide for the students are crucial as most of the victims die in the first hour due to lack of persons who can provide such skills for the victims.

Let’s build our future as young people free from the global road safety crisis. It’s your time to act and do tangible actions that make our community safe on the road.




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