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20 834 people have been reached through Social Media Campaign on Road Safety.

At the beginning of May 2021 our Local action winner launched the Traffic Care Youth Initiative Project in Rwanda Supported by Global youth Coalition for Road Safety. The aim of the project is to decrease the number of deaths and injuries due to road crashes among young people through education awareness on road safety in Primary and Secondary schools in Kigali and Southern Province and advocate for safer mobility to those students as well.

We have conducted many teaching sessions in different schools on road safety and we did radio talk shows that not only target young people but a whole community as well. Before summer holidays started, we worked with students from 21 schools where we usually conduct our sessions. They highlight the top five key factors that the Rwandan population need to always consider in order to decrease mortality related to road crashes: Wear a helmet, Good behaviour for pedestrians, don’t drink and drive, wear a seatbelt and slow down. After having views from students we prepare a social media campaign that aims to teach the community focusing on what students identified as key factors to decrease road crashes for example how wearing a helmet can prevent serious injuries when crashes occur.

After 5 days of this campaign we thank everyone from around the world Africa, Asia, Europe and America because they showed us a great support to disseminate our message as far as possible. As a result we have reached 20 834 people who have seen our road safety message via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is a great milestone for all of us who have participated because we believe that we saved more lives through the message that we posted on our social media handles.

Before concluding this article I want to remind young people that road crashes are the biggest killer of young people aged between 15-29 years. If you are young people reading this article I encourage you to not keep silent, raise your voice, be engaged in road safety and advocate for safer mobility to decision makers whenever you are as a result road crashes will be decreased by 50% by 2030 as a target of a new decade of action.



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